Located in Scarborough, Ontario, and founded in 1987, Euclid's Holding LTD group has a portfolio of companies that each operates on its own. We, as a group, have left our footprints on a variety of businesses that include wholesale, retail, storage, logistic services, and restaurant.​

While Jim's Brother Trading Co, Dolson Marketing Inc, and Ng Trading Wholesale are all open to wholesale clients, our newly launched ShopWango.com provides a channel for household customers for every-day grocery shopping purposes. Scarborough Cold Storage offers professional, secure, and affordable cold storage services to clients, and Elegance Dim Sum Restaurant serves the most authentic Cantonese cuisine for food lovers all across the Greater Toronto Area or even Canada.​

Over the years, a strong connection was formed amongst our companies and we hold a lot of pride for what we do, we appreciate everyone, both clients and company members, who has been a part of our journey. Your support is what drives us to be better and to provides better services in the next countless years to come. 

Reach More Information: http://www.jimstrading.com